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Interesting Facts - Natural Phenomena

An Earthquake in the Shensi Province of China in 1556 killed 830,000 people in less than three hours.

In 1868 approximately 100,000 Meteorites fell on the Polish town of Pultusk in one night.

There are parts of Europe, especially in southern France where it has Rained red Rain. Known as "Blood Rains," such showers were for years thought to herald the apocalypse. Some scientists believe that they are caused by a reddish dust that is blown all the way from the Sahara Desert Others believe that the red color comes from microorganisms in the water.

In the city of Reykjavik, Iceland, one can see the stars eighteen out of twenty-four hours during the heart of winter. During the summer, sunlight is visible for twenty four hours a day.

Here is a method for determining how far away a Thunderstorm is located. Wait for a lightning flash. Then count the seconds that pass until the sound of Thunder is heard. Sound travels about 1 mile in five seconds. Thus if there are five seconds between the lightning flash and the Thunderclap the storm is approximately a mile away. If ten seconds pass, it is 2 miles away, and so forth.

In the Bay of Fundy, located between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada, the Tide sometimes rises 10 feet in one hour and attains heights as great as 60 feet from the beginning of the Tide to the end.

In St. John, New Brunswick, there is a Waterfall that flows upward. The Reversing Falls of St. John are located on a gorge that leads into the Bay of Fundy. At low tide the Water from the gorge comes cascading down on its way to the bay, At high tide. however, which in this part of the world is excessive, the bay's Water level rises 5 feet higher than that of the river itself. This causes a "bore," or rushing tide, to flow back into the river, and thus it pushes the Water back up the Falls.

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