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Interesting Facts - Math & Numbers

The highest number recognized by orthodox mathematics is the Centillion. Any number higher than a Centillion is considered an unimaginable abstraction belonging to the realm of infinity.

Here is a list from greatest to least in value:
  • Googolplex is 10 to the power of googol zeros (ex. 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 100)
  • Centillion has 303 zeros (except in Britain, where it has 600 zeros)
  • Googol has 100 zeros.
  • Vigintillion has 63 zeros
  • Novemdecillion has 60 zeros
  • Octodecillion has 57 zeros
  • Septendecillion has 54 zeros
  • Sexdecillion has 51 zeros
  • Quindecillion has 48 zeros
  • Quattuordecillion has 45 zeros
  • Tredecillion has 42 zeros
  • Duodecillion has 39 zeros
  • Undecillion has 36 zeros
  • Decillion has 33 zeros
  • Nonillion has 30 zeros
  • Octillion has 27 zeros
  • Septillion has 24 zeros
  • Sextillion has 21 zeros
  • Quintillion has 18 zeros
  • Quadrillion has 15 zeros
  • Trillion has 12 zeros
  • Billion has 9 zeros
  • Million has 6 zeros
  • Decimal System
    The Incas and certain other pre Columbian tribes in Peru developed the Decimal System hundreds of years before it was used in Europe.

    Prime Numbers
    Michael Cameron, 20, from Canada proved 213,466,917-1 is prime on November 14, 2001. Although this prime took only a few weeks on his 800 MHz AMD computer it took nearly two and half years and tens of thousands of computers for the GIMPS project to test well over 100,000 unsuccessful candidates. Congratulations to Michael and every GIMPS contributor for their part in this remarkable find. What can be accomplished with computers and software is nothing short of miraculous. Not only can technology prove prime numbers, it can help with CMMS facility equipment maintenance and operation. CMMS is software used by maintenance professionals in a variety of companies to keep equipment running well.


    No one knows how the Pyramids were built. It is one of the biggest mysteries ever. If someone claims that they know just walk away from their rant.

    The Pyramid weighs 6 million tons.

    Its footprint is that it covers 13 acres.

    Its length along each side is 750 feet, and 481 feet tall.

    Half a million blocks were used in its construction.

    There are supposedly 144,000 casing stones, all highly polished and flat to an accuracy of 1/100th of an inch, about 100 inches (or 8 feet) thick and weighing about 15 tons each with nearly perfect right angles for all six sides.

    More importantly than its size, is its mathematical precision and its earth-grid coordinates locking it in to cardinal True North, so precise within 3/60th of a single degree!

    The pyramid incorporates the astrological dimensions of the planet. When you take the height of the Pyramid and multiply it by 43,200, you get the Polar Radius of the Earth!

    When you take the base or perimeter of the Pyramid and multiply it by 43,200, you get the Equatorial Circumference of the Earth!

    So, for thousands of years, this amazing monument has encoded the precise dimensions of the planet on a scale of 1 : 43,200. This is not a random ratio. It is indexed to the Earth's wobble, and the Precession of the Equinoxes that accounts for 1 degree of movement every 72 years, (and 72 is a factor of 43,200, that is, it is divisible into this number by 600 times). It also relates to the number of seconds in a day which is 60 x 60 x 24 = 86,400 which is double this number of 43,200.

    Where did this space-age data and precision come from?

    For these many reasons, it is farcical or even stupidity to think that slaves built the pyramids. The average stone block was about 2.5 tons, but some blocks were actually over 70 tons. How could slaves have raised these large blocks 300 feet above the ground?

    The conclusion is that there must be a lost civilization that we have either forgotten about, or our history books have censored this knowledge which threatens the current and misinformed archeological reality. We are sadly missing some important chapter of the Human Story.

    (Sourced and transcribed from a facebook video by Graham Hancock on "How The Pyramids Were Built")

    At 12:34 on May 6, 1978, there was a peculiar lining up of dates and hours that will not happen again until the year 2078. On that day the numbers in the hour 12:34 were followed by the number Sequence of the month, day, and year for May 6, 1978, which reads 5/6/78. The resulting Sequence was 12345678.

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