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Interesting Facts - Television

Movie trailers got their name from the fact that they were originally played after films. However, audiences would often leave right after the end of the film, so theatres began showing trailers before the movie.

Television Breakthroughs

TV Through the Years
A quick look at some key milestones

1948 - Television takes off in Canada, one year before the first Emmy Awards are presented and four years before the CBC debuts.

1952 - No more rabbit ears? Cable television debuts in Canada. 

1960 - Roughly 100 million television sets are sold worldwide. 

1962 - First satellite TV transmission takes place between France and the U.S.

1965 - Sony introduces Betamax, a small home video recorder, which later loses out to the VHS machine.

1966 - Colour television signals are transmitted by Canadian stations for the first time. Two years later, the 200 millionth TV is sold worldwide.

1969 - The first television transmission from the moon. 

1976 - Broadcasted from Montreal, the Olympics draw an estimated 1 billion viewers worldwide.

1978 - Ninety-eight percent of households have a television; 300 millionTVs are available worldwide.

1980 - CNN, the Cable News Network, is born. It's followed by MTV (and then MuchMusic in Canada).

1989 - Pay Per View debuts.

1996 - There are over a billion television sets in operation around the world. Small satellite dishes (18-inches) replace the huge ones that take up most of a backyard.

1997 - The DVD player debuts at the Consumer Electronics Show. 

1999 - TiVo surfaces in the U.S.; personal video recorders change the way you watch television.

2005 - Flat-panel high-definition televisions become the "musthave" product of the year. The Slingbox product uses the Internet to stream your local television anywhere in the world you've got a highspeed Internet connection.

2006 - Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD debut in the summer and battle to become the successor to the DVD. It's still unknown today which format will prevail.

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