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Strange & Unexplained - Noah's Ark Evidence

Mind Blowing Findings on Noah's Ark by Ron Stewart

A - Many people today believe that this box-barge-like shape is what Noah's Ark looked like. For over one hundred years now, this is what eveyone has been looking for. Yet in all this time, they still have not found the Ark's remains.

B - An enlarged enhancement of a photo taken by Mr. Don Shockey in about 1990. This matches the 1943 Ed Davis story example. Supposedly, Mr. Davis claims that he saw the Ark's remains in two seperate sections broken into two halves, the same as in the illustration. However, these enlarged areas just show a box-like shape but it turned out to be volcanic rock. There was another person, Mr. Bob Cornuke, who also claimed to have found the Ark's remians in June 2006. Mr. Cornuke claims his area on Mt. Sulieman in N. Iran is definately where the Ark now lies. Well, guess what? His findings are just volcanic rock also. Another example is given in "C".

C - There is another claim made by Mr. Angelo Palego recently in 2006, that he found the Ark . On his web site, he claims that this above object is Noah's Ark. However again, look closely, it is about as high as it is wide. The Bible states that the Ark was built 30 cubits high and 50 cubits wide. Evidently, this object is not even consistant with Genesis. Firstly, the area in the top image prove's that it's not the Ark's remains either. Secondly, the enlargement below supposedly shows a window. However, look at it again and you can see it's just a recessed volcanic rock void, maybe just a couple of feet deep. Plus, inside is a rock carving of an eye looking upwards...meaning what? If this was truly a window in the Ark how could anyone carve anything, (like an eye), in opening that is supposed to be a window? Point is you can't! Therefore this means the object has to be solid, proving again that this is not the Ark. There are hundreds of objects like this on the greater Mt. Ararat and on other mountains in the Ararat mountain range where Noah would have landed.

To the right are scientific charts measuring the wave height in Hurricane Katrina. Which was an average wave height of 37 feet and wave surges every 7 minutes or less for 3 solid days of about 60 feet. As evidence shows above, under these conditions a box-barge-like Ark and other types of Ark designs with exposed open windows/air vents would have allowed water into these types of designs. Filling the ark full of water, causing it to sink. These kinds of designs would not hold up to Hurricane Katrina, much less a true global flood many many times worse.

The image to the left shows a box-barge-like design with exposed windows/air-vents at the top. Water would get in as shown. The waves in these photos are splashing up against solid objects at sea the dimensions of the Ark.
In a similar manner during a storm, the waves would have also crashed against the Ark. Splashing water into these open exposed windows/air-vents causing the ark to fill full of water and sink, dooming mankind since we all come from Noah.

None of these designs would have worked with exposed open windows/vents. Except the true Ark design shown on the right. This is the reason why the Ark has not been found along because the wrong shape and design was being looked for. That the true shape and design of the Ark when in tact and now in it's remains is more like a giant house-like roof. Upon a chest-like ships hull.

This is what Noah's Ark would have looked like when fully in tact and constructed. The illustration on the right shows more or less how the ark is basically constructed on the inside.

A - The Ark's true design would have looked like this when first built. As shown to the left, this still conforms to the height, width and length GOD instructed Noah to build the Ark by.

B - (A) are the air vents. Running under the left/right Ark roof as the cutaway here shows. The entire length of the Ark on both sides. Keeping water out but allowing venilation and light to get into the Ark. Not exposed and open as in the box-barge-like design. Here the left, (B) - (C) bottom of the Ark. (C) are outriggers the lower then 'B' the bottom of the Ark giving it a lower center of gravity which would make it many times more stable as a design in the flood waters not to capsize. Plus, allow the Ark body to be almost atop the water at all times. (D), is an example of how water could splash as much as it wanted to on top of the Ark roof but never get in. (E), is the water level the Ark would pretty much always be maintained at. (F) is a 60 foot wave.

This is a rock carving giving solid tangiable new photographic and scientific archeaological evidence, that as shown previously, illustrates the ark having air vents under the roof so that the exterior of the roof would prevent water from getting in.

This will allow air and light to get in as needed. This rock carving explains in pictographic picture writting communication showing a cut-away so to speak of how these air-vents were under the Ark as shown here left roof wing. Also again we see the A framed like giant houseroof shape and design upon a shiplike hull.

A-C - The image on the right shows how different parts of the ark worked in harmony with each other getting the Ark through the rough global flood conditions.

Above is an angled view of the front section of Noah's Ark today, which was kind of made into an ancient museum telling the story about Noah and the
Ark and what happened before and after it landed. The evident window and door are clearly seen and are enlarged to show what they look like today. As past expeditions who truly saw the Ark have said, "The Ark turned to stone", or was "stonelike" in appearance, are all true. The window, when a piece of resinous cedar is covered with tar and it petrifies it looks exactly as shown, especially when petrifying under volcanic silica soil conditions.

The image on the right is a side/and/or profile view of the front section of the Ark today. The location is also partially shown. The AS-IS photo shows what the Ark looks like when covered with dirty ice and snow. The top enhanced front section of the Ark is shown after most of the ice and snow have melted away from it.

Again, this shows enlarged side views of the Ark and also shows 4 levels of animal stalls 3 stories high. Numerous different types of animal species are shown that stayed in each stall. If each section all the way across the width Ark measured approximately 5 feet high X 5 feet wide for every 15 foot lengh of the ark it would hold about 450 or much more animal stalls. Meaning that the Ark may have held as many as 15,560 different basic types of species of animals.

The following images show, with a new photo process invented by Mr. Ron Stewart, how he was able to find the Ark as a very small unseen part in this photo. Not only showing, demonstrating and proving in a larger and larger photo, how he also was able to use the same process to also go through and into the Ark window, and show what inside. This was done to the right window on the second portion of part of the Ark remains, which also very strongly shows the tomb for the mummified remains of Noah, his wife, and also Shem. These photos also show a detailed explanation of the animal stalls in the Ark, even show a stegosaurus dinosaur carving in the ark also.

These images explain how we today make rock carvings to tell people now and into countless generations into the future who we as Americans are and about our past Presidents. That persons at the time after the Ark landed, (2200-1400-BC), would have done no less, especially with an event as significant as a global flood. On Greater Mt. Ararat there's literally 100's of archeaological pictographic rock carvings that show the Ark's true shape and design, like a giant A-framed house-like roof upon a ship's hull. Furthermore, these show a consistancy with Genesis 10-11 how as the families of Noah moved away from Greater Mt. Ararat and settled around the earth on many mountains they made solid surfaced rock carving in the true shape and design of the Ark as shown again, being the A-framed giant house-like roof upon a chest-like ship's hull. This picture writing language basically stating over and over again, "We are descendants from Noah & the Ark on Greater Mt. Ararat. This is our story, and who were are, and we now live here". This same story rings througout the earth across possibly 1,000's of rock carvings in the shape of this A-framed shaped Ark. Or too painted as murals inside of caves etc., the connection is unversal. Always showing the main characters of the Noah and Ark story, plus showing (8) persons having making it through a global flood. In the USA, the Ark and evidence that nephilum or giants also were once in the earth can also be seen. On the rock carving and/or cave murals etc., shows this A-framed house-like Ark with animals and humans leading them out of it, only applying to the story of Noah and no one else.

The image above jumps ahead into the future to about 200 or so AD, where again? "Origen of Alexandria", one of the first Christian scientists, mathematician, and Roman-Jewish and Alexadrian historian stated that the remains of Noah's Ark was not rectangular, rather more like a, "TRUNCATED-PYRAMID SHAPE" as shown (A-Framed shape). In the 2nd example in 628-AD St. Isadore of Seville saw the outside and inside of the Ark. He also states it was on Ararat, plus he drew a picture of it much like what has been described as being sort of a A-framed roof like shape. Again, many 100's of new scientific archeaological examples that show a complete lost history of the Ark never discoverered before until now.

The rest of the images are an assortment of very important photos. We start of that for the first time anywhere providing hard evidence that in about 1634 AD Adam Oleraius and safi The Shaw of Persia were on the inside of the Ark. They also carved inside the walls of the 2nd section of the Ark where Noah is entombed what the Ark looked like to them. Portriats of themselves looking on in astonishment upon the extremely well preserved mummy of Noah and being inside the ark itself are also depicted. There's also evidence here to prove they drew inside the Ark what Noah looked like to them in 1634-AD (as shown). The rest of the photographs validate and give exceptionally strong evidence that through history that these KUNZITE stones have the ability as semi-precious stones to absorb light and indefinitely retain it. Much like a radium dial on a watch, and how it can illuminate in the dark. Also a scientific study from the USA governmental Dept, leading University, and general Electric Co. in about 1923 did a scientific study on these stones exiting and being able to illuminate light without electricity with another similar study done in about 2004. This is consistant where GOD instructed Noah to build a TSOHAR roof. Which translated from Hebrew means, "Slanted Roof Skylight To Illuminate The Ark's gemstones". This is the way Noah lit up the ark during the 40 days and nights when it rained and all the windows were shut, as scripture states were later opened. Evidently as the ligtning flashed , the light entered the air-vent holes under the Arks wings. These stones absorbed this light and was able to light the Ark this way during the time of the flood. The last photos show how again in 1883-AD, here is an official 1883-AD Turkish government document seen for the first time ever, that shows not only a drawing of Noah in the Ark, (lying horizonically upon a bed of KUNZIE illumination stones), as we show in a photo of today showing the same thing.

For more information you may contact Ron Stewart, (the re-discoverer of all of these things), at the following e-mail address:

Soon, at a later date we will supply Ron Stewart's web site and as it grows you'll be able to learn a lot more about all of these things. Plus, his upcoming book entitled, "Noah's Ark", A Scientific Look; Past & Future". It will be like a Noah's Ark encyclopedia with 3 CD roms full of extra Ark photos, evidence and reference all NEW and NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

Hopeful Future Ark Expedition

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