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Interesting Facts - Medicine - Elmiron Pharmaceutical Lawsuit

According to Acupuncturists, there is a point on the head that you can press to control your appetite. It is located in the hollow just in front of the flap of the ear.

More Abortions than tonsillectomies are being performed in america.

Americans spend an estimated $500 million each year on allergy treatments.

Copper wrist bracelets do not treat/prevent arthritis.

Forty million Americans have arthritis.

Sixty million who have high blood pressure.

Coffee increases mental alertness, shortens eye-hand reaction time, reduces depression, treats asthma, and potentiates all pain medicines.

Cow Dung
In Nepal, Cow Dung is used for medicinal purposes The Nepalese, believing that Dung has antiseptic properties, often pack a woman's vagina with it after she has given birth. This practice is thought to be responsible for the high incidence of tetanus among new mothers in Nepal.

Forty percent of the American population has never visited a Dentist.

Dentists in medieval Japan extracted teeth by pulling them out with their fingers.

Depression is associated with other health issues. Those with chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and multiple sclerosis may also have an increased risk of depression.

In ancient China, doctors were forbidden in the name of propriety to see their female patients naked. To circumvent this prohibition, doctors on house calls brought with them a small ivory carving of a woman's naked body. This carving was passed into the curtained bedchamber of the ailing woman along with instructions on how to mark the troubled organs. The statue was then handed out through the curtains and the doctor made his Diagnosis on the basis of the markings.

Undertakers report that human bodies do not deteriorate as quickly as they used to. The reason, they believe, is that the modern diet contains so many preservatives that these chemicals tend to prevent the body from decomposition too rapidly after death.

If you have a purely vegetarian diet with no vitamin supplements you will die from pernicious anemia.

Medical researchers contend that no disease ever identified has been completely eradicated.

There is no evidence that an annual physical saves lives.

There is no evidence that total body CT scans saves lives.

Garlic works well on sore throats, though not necessarily on strep throat (hasnít been proven yet on strep throat, as far as I can tell). According to a study done by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, eating garlic while you have a sore throat will significantly shorten the duration of your sore throat. Further, it was found that eating garlic on a daily basis will significantly reduce your likely hood of contracting a cold and will reduce the number of days youíre sick, if you do get the cold.

The R sign used today on pharmaceutical prescriptions was originally an astrological sign for the planet Jupiter The use of this sign originated in the Middle Ages, when doctors believed that the planets influenced Health. Jupiter was thought to be the most powerful of all the heavenly bodies in curing disease.

Honey generally has the effect of reducing pain on burns and open wounds because it prevents air from reaching the wounded area. Further, it has been shown to reduce scarring due to stimulating skin regrowth. Another great side-benefit to using honey to treat burns and cuts is that a bandage used after honey is fully applied to a wounded area wonít stick to the wound when removed.

In the general case, though, diluting honey and taking advantage of its hydrogen peroxide production will get rid of many of the other antibacterial properties; so usually itís better to use pure honey, rather than diluted. Specifically, diluting honey will change its pH and itís aw values. If you choose to dilute the honey, with say, water, then its pH and free-water levels will rise to the point that they wonít inhibit microbial growth and youíll have to rely more on the increased hydrogen peroxide production to prevent infection.

According to the Center for Health Administration, one out of every ten Americans spends one day a year in the Hospital.

The theory of Immunization, and of smallpox Immunization in particular, was known to Chinese doctors more than seven hundred years before its discovery in 1796 by the English physician Edward Jenner. To Immunize a child against smallpox, known euphemistically as "the budding of blossoms," a doctor took a pustule from a smallpox patient, pulverized it, and blew the powder into the child's nose through a specially molded tube. It was believed that since only the scabs were used, the mild case of smallpox caused by this "injection" would bestow natural Immunity on the child without causing him to become too sick, Another method of Immunization was to wrap a child in a robe smeared with pus taken from someone with a mild case of smallpox so that the child's skin would be permeated by the secretions. This technique was also practiced by doctors in medieval India.

The Insulin used to treat diabetes in human beings is taken from pigs and sheep. The substance produced in these animals is exactly the same as that found in the human body and has precisely the same sugar stabilizing effect.

Laughter does not only benefit the body, it also improves a personís emotional and mental well-being. A good sense of humor serves as an effective emotional medicine that reduces stress. When faced with tough and exasperating situations, people can uplift their mood simply by using humor. The ability to laugh at yourself can turn difficult problems into more manageable ones. Also, humor gives people a good feeling and a chance to relate to like-minded individuals. According to mental health experts, humor helps people cope with stressful situations. Here are several benefits that laughter can provide to a personís mental and emotional health.

A good hearty laugh provides a wide range of health benefits. As a person laughs, a number of changes occur in the body. The muscles in the face and body stretch and the rate of heart beat rises. Laughter also causes a person to breathe faster, which in turn brings more oxygen to the tissues. Helping the body fight certain diseases, laughter reduces health problems connected with strokes, high blood pressure, ulcer, and arthritis.

Medical Negligence
In 2005, Robbin Reeves woke up after surgery to find a huge bloodied dressing on his shoulder. This may have been nothing out of the ordinary for a person layed in a hospital bad after surgery, had it not been for the fact that he was in for a liver transplant. What had actually happened is that whilst in surgery, Reevesí heart had stopped and he had to be rushed to another room for emergency treatment. In the panic, disinfectant containing alcohol had somehow caught on fire, burning his shoulder and neck severely. His claim is pending. Robin Reeves' legal case is one that any Chicago medical malpractice lawyer or medical negligence lawyer would be interested in bringing to court. Medical malpractice is defined as a breach of duty of care by a medical provider and has an element of "intent" involved. Medical negligence, however, is defined as a mistake by a medical provider which results in harm to the patient, and does not include intent.

Nose Surgery
Taliacotius, a sixteenth-century Italian Surgeon, devised an operation for rebuilding damaged tissue in the human Nose. The patient's arm was raised to the face and held there, the inner part of the arm against the open flesh of the Nose, by means of a special apparatus or system of bandages. The arm was kept adhered to the Nose for several weeks, at the end of which time the two were supposed to have grown together. The Surgeon then cut the joint between arm and nose, leaving enough flesh for a new nose, and the apparatus was removed. Plastic surgery has come a long way since Taliacotious's time, plastic surgeons today are able to do anything from modern nose modification to consulting with those who need repair due to medical conditions comparing breast implants before and after the effects of cancer treatments. Without the advances made by these early medical pioneers many would have to live with unnecessary physical and emotional scars.

Eight glasses of water or other fluid a day is not necessary for good health.

The only guaranteed weight loss treatment, which also can reverse diabetes and bring the patient back to normoglycemia is stomach banding.

A staple in your earlobe does not help you to lose weight.

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