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Strange & Unexplained - Conspiracy

Who is responsible?
Since the dawn of time, conspiracies have been active and alive in our history. Be it the government, friends or family, some people decide that if they conspire something that they will be better off or perhaps gain some kind power either against someone else or to simply benefit themselves.

The worst conspiracies are the ones done by the government against it's very own people. Tax is something to be questioned don't you think? I mean it's not news to anyone that we get taxed upon tax upon tax, I'm sure everyone can relate. It makes you wonder why the government would still be in debt, I know I wonder.

Because this area is so involved and in many cases very deep, there will be links added on a constant basis that are specific to conspiracies. Everyone deserves to know what is kept behind their backs so they have an opportunity to defend themselves.

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