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Interesting Facts - Holidays

George Washington is the only man whose Birthday is a legal holiday in every state of the United States.

Three billion Christmas cards are sent annually in the United States.

The practice of exchanging presents at Christmas originated with the Romans. Every December, the Romans celebrated a holiday called the Saturnalia. During this time the people gave each other good luck presents of fruit, sweets, pastry, or gold. When the Christians began to celebrate their own holiday at this time of year, they simply took over the tradition.

Christmas was once illegal in England. In 1643 the Puritans outlawed all Christmas celebrations, banned the keeping of Christmas trees, and made the singing of Christmas carols a crime. These laws were maintained until the Restoration. Many Puritans in New England also adhered to these regulations, curtailing Christmas festivities to such a degree that even the making of mince pies was forbidden.

The custom of using Christmas wreaths can be traced to the belief that the crown of thorns that Christ was forced to wear when he was crucified was made of holly.

Mother's Day
Mother's Day was started by a woman named Anna Jarvis of Grafton, West Virginia. In 1907 Mrs. Jarvis began a campaign for the nationwide celebration of motherhood. At first no one paid much attention to her, but gradually churches and local town organizations began inviting her to speak at their meetings. Soon her notions caught on throughout the country, and on May 9, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made the holiday official.

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