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Interesting Facts - Communications & Media

[- Letters -]
Anyone writing a letter to the New York Times has one chance in twenty-one of having the letter published. Letter writers to the Washington Post do significantly better one letter out of eight finds its way into print.
[- Newspaper -]
The average person in America spends fifty-two minutes each day reading the newspaper. This means that in a seventy year lifetime (subtracting the first fifteen years as nonnewspaper reading time), the typical person spends a little less than two years, about 687 days of his or her life reading the paper.
[- Radio -]
In every hour that one listens to the radio in America, one hears approximately 11,000 spoken words.
[- Solicitation -]
It is estimated that 4 million "junk" telephone calls, phone solicitations by persons or programmed machines, are made every day in America.
[- Telephones -]
According to the General Telephone Company of Pennsylvania, the typical American spends an average of 8,760 hours of his or her life speaking on the telephone every year.
[- Telephones -]
According to the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, there are 24.5 telephone calls made for every 100 people in the entire world.
[- Telephones -]
There are more telephones than people in Washington. D.C.
[- Television -]
In 1948 Milton Berle's budget for the "Texaco Star Theater," the most popular one-hour show on television, was $15,000 for the entire hour. Today, this is far less than the cost of a one-minute television commercial.
[- Television -]
According to the Television Code of Decency, a beer advertisement can never show a person actually drinking beer. Next time you see such an advertisement on television, notice that while the beer itself is prominently displayed, the subject always stops short of drinking it.
[- Television -]
On June 1, 1946, there were only 10,000 television sets in the United States. Five years later, there were 12 million.
[- Television -]
According to the Federal Trade Commission, there are 20,000 television commercials made each year that are aimed exclusively at children. Of these, 7,000 are for sugared breakfast cereals.
[- Television -]
In the 70's more people with an income below $3,000 a year owned television sets in the United States than those with an income above $10,000.

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