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Interesting Facts - Home Pet Safety

Pet-Proofing and Home Improvements

Pets make a wonderful addition to the lives of individuals and families by bringing unconditional love and loyalty. Adopting a pet, however, often involves more than just introducing an adorable new puppy or kitten to the family. A house, both inside and out, can be a dangerous place for excitable pets of all ages. Although certain items may not represent an immediate threat to humans, particularly adults, they can injure, sicken, and even kill animals. Removing these threats makes one's home safer for pets that are often curious or like to chew, dig, or lick things that could be hazardous to their health. Pet-proofing one's home involves identifying and removing or safely securing dangerous items. After the home has been made safe for pets, people may also choose to make home improvements to update the look or functionality of their home. During renovations, new threats may present themselves. It is important to know what threats may endanger animals during home improvements and how one can keep pets as safe as possible throughout the process.

Pet-Proofing the Home

Ideally, pet-proofing should occur prior to bringing a new pet into one's life and home; however, it is never too late to create a safer environment for animals that live on the property. Poisons are a danger that can be found in every home. They can range from cleaning supplies in kitchens and bathrooms to antifreeze in garages. Standard pet-proofing begins with storing known poisons in secured cabinets or storage closets. If garages do not have cabinets, consider installing them, as the garage is home to many chemicals and sharp items that should be safely stored in an area that is difficult for pets to access. Research house plants to determine which, if any, are poisonous to pets and remove them from the home. Replace any uncovered garbage cans with ones that have lids to prevent pets from eating things that are poisonous or that may choke them. Childproof latches on cabinets will keep pets from pawing or nudging the doors open and accessing the items within. Toilet bowl cleaners are also dangerous, and young pets may even drown in the small amount of water that is in the toilet. For these reasons, keeping toilet lids closed is an important habit for family members to adopt. Because some pets will chew on them, electrical wires and cords around the house should be covered. And in laundry rooms, some pets may crawl into dryers for a nap. Keep the doors closed on both washing machines and dryers.

Outside, put fences around gardens to keep pets out. This will prevent them from eating poisonous flowers or vegetables. Put up fences around the yard to safely keep pets in and away from street traffic, which can seriously injure or kill them. Fences also prevent unknown animals from getting into the yard and potentially harming the family pet.

Home Improvements and Pet Safety

During home improvement projects, there are many potential hazards that curious pets can run into. Supplies such as nails and screws should be properly stored and kept off of the ground, as they can injure a pet's paws or they may be a choking hazard if swallowed. When painting, keep paint and paint thinner cans closed, as these are toxic not only to humans but also to animals. Ideally, pets should be kept out of areas that are under construction, as mold, lead paint chips, and fumes are just a few of the things that can cause illness and even death. The best solution to keep pets safe during home renovations is to create a safe room for pets to stay in away from noise and other potential dangers or let them stay with a friend until the project is complete. is one of China¡¯s leading e-commerce export site, providing high quality products with best price. With 70,000 items across more than 100 categories, we have served 400,000 people in over 170 countries around the world.Enjoy online shopping
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